mama god (symbiont_sylph) wrote in pregnantveggies,
mama god

Labor and Delivery. eck.

well, woke up yesterday feeling like crap, kept sneezing and having stress incontinense issues (apparently the baby is right on top of my bladder...) and I wasn't sure if my water broke or not... got a fever of 102.7 and so labor and delivery needed me to come in, only I couldn't take Sylvia and Geoff was on duty. SO I try calling my friend Rosi and I can't get in touch with her and I start calling people ont he ship trying to find Geoff and well right when I get intouch with Rosi they tell me Geoff's on the way. So I go and my water hadn't broken I just have the FLU. ack. that's just what I need... and they do an ultrasound and the Lt is showing the corpsman the body parts and she says "and there's the labia..." I was like,"labia...?" and sure enough, looked just like puffed wheat. hehe. so I get home and Geoff has gone into turbo mode and carried the cradle up stairs by himself (with his broken arm) and was sterilizing things and washing things... I tell him what happens and his like, but everyone at work thinks your water broke. I'm like, sorry. you'll just have to explain taht you're wife is a child and apparently pisses herself. agh! I feel so bad for him, but I told then I THINK it broke not it did break. argh! sailors! ptttfff.

anyway, feel miserable, will be MIA for a bit, just as a heads up. now must go get some Amy's unchicken noodle and some powerade and attempt to pass out on the sofa.

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